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Middle school

Middle Team Charter

Our purpose:
  • We assure that staff are going to do the best they can for each child.
  • We want to comfort all that they are welcomed and valued.
  • We aim to have high professional standards.
  • We aim to work in the best interest of the child.
  • We are welcoming to parents, families and carers.
  • We strive for open communication between families and staff.
  • We offer a student centred education.
  • We believe in a diverse, exciting and stimulating curriculum.
  • We deliver the curriculum through a play based approach, through the arts and music, with a focus on life skills.
  • We plan for a safe learning environment.
  • We establish communication systems for individuals.
  • We offer active learning opportunities.
  • We treat all children as equals.
  • We provide a happy learning environment.
  • We offer as many learning opportunities as possible.
  • Everyone is given a voice.
  • Individual programs to develop independence.
  • We assist in the development and maintenance of relationships.

Junior Secondary Team Charter

Our purpose:

  • We encourage self respect, respect of others and encourage responsibility for their actions.

  • We encourage the right of learning and planning future goals.

  • We encourage self thinking and independence in a positive manner.

  • We nurture students’ understanding of their minds and bodies and their ability to communicate these changes.

  • We encourage and support students development of appropriate behaviour as young adults.

  • We are preparing our students for transition to seniors and adulthood by developing responsibility, independence and a positive sense of self.

  • We support students and families with the development of adolescence.

  • We are aiding the expectations of adults and their future whether supported or unsupported.

  • We provide a positive learning environment.

  • We aim to prepare students with life skills.

  • We will support students’ safe behaviour at home, school and in the community.

  • We provide a fun, active and creative environment.

  • We develop opportunities for peer activities.

  • We develop this by self regulation and advocacy to drive goals for the future.

  • We aim to foster ongoing family relationships.

  • Greater emphasis on community access and involvement.